photo © Roko Dražin

#30 „MUSICIANS SUMMER WORKSHOP“ in BUJE/CROATIA August 2 – August 8 / 2020

The magic behind all creativity

“It irritates rationalists to see magic hanging around, just as it irritates Atheists to see God hanging around. But there’s a sound reason for magic to persist: without it, creation cannot be explained. Despite our modern devotion to logic and reason, when you look at any level of creation, a powerful magic is at work.”

Deepak Chopra




The Art, Energy & Magic in making Music happen
Creative Identity / Music / Artist / Bandcoaching Summer Workshop at this magic place
including daily Yoga Classes, Meditation sessions and artist – self management tools,
individual lessons, ensemble rehearsals, lectures and daily Jams

for musicians, singers, artists beyond style, professionals, amateurs, brave hearts and scared souls, people who would like to be musicians, teachers, students, professors, kids, grown ups on every level with no age restriction what so ever.


In many cases, the decision to study music has robbed them of the ability to play music. They have lost respect for music that comes from within because they have been programmed to feel „unworthy“. Kenny Werner


Vienna based Drummer / Producer /  Artist Developer/ Artist and Bandcoach & Consultant AleX Deutsch 

IMG_20180714_172026_924NYC based Bassist/Producer/Bandleader Stephan Kondert


foto © Inka Pluhar
foto © Inka Pluhar

Vienna based Yoga Instructor and Actress Sandra B. Mauerhofer

Sandra B. Mauerhofer, Yoga Teacher „Seit 2015 unterrichte ich privat, in Wien und auch Kurse in Niederösterreich (speziell für Schwangere und frischgebackene Mütter). Da ich selbst auch Schauspielerin bin und einen Hintergrund an Atem- und Stimmbildung mitbringe, hat mich der Aspekt am Kundalini-Yoga immer besonders gepackt, der sich mit dem natürlichen Zugang zu Atem und Stimme, dem Heilen des Kehlkopf-Chakras und dem Ins-Fließen-Bringen von dem, was da raus will, beschäftigt.“

how to develop / find / discover your creative identity
what is it and how can we effectively use it in management, self – promotion, self – management & marketing and performance


You are an artist/singer/songwriter/musician/a band
this is your journey to how to develop your own, authentic style and story, how to find the diamonds within, the most valuable, precious, miraculous, authentic gift you always carry around inside you – the uniqueness of your expression and performance,
your creative identity, that is yours and that very precious part of you only, that is your artistic and creative footprint.

this is how each and everyone will recognise you along all your creative and artistic endeavours, your unique voice, that will be always tangible and unmistakably yours


a brave and intense look inside, into the canyons and the universe of your artistic soul.
The path to your very own self and a guide, how to protect your diamonds in todays
crazy world and music business with all it,s challenges in these fast paced times we all live in,  stuffed with competition, jealousy, rivalry, marketing-, management- and promotion plans of a more and more clueless music industry

plus: one on one drum & bass lessons with Stephan & AleX



how to work with „guerilla marketing“ and about the importance, to protect these, your very own and unique diamonds as best as you can.
what actually makes and creates this creative identity, this growing and always changing organism which is anything else but a construct written in stone, how can you turn it into your most valuable partner and friend in communication, in your creative work, in promoting your art and as a substantial part of your performance.

tools to bring along:

music instruments, amps, microphones, paper and notebooks,
writing and drawing utensils, loose pants and T-shirts for the Yoga classes, an open mind, a creative soul and a brave heart 😉



Daily schedule

07:00 AM – 07:30 AM  mandatory: Morning Exercises with AleX

07:30 AM – 09:00 AM  Yoga Sessions with Sandra

09:00 Am – 10:00 AM Breakfast

photo © Roko Andreašić
photo © Roko Dražin


11:00 AM – 12:30 PM  Session with Stephan & AleX

01:00 PM  – 04:00 PM Lunch Break



04:00 PM – 06:00 PM  Afternoon Sessions / One on One Lessons / Rehearsals

07:30 PM Dinner

09:00 PM Rehearsals / Jam Sessions








FRIDAY AUGUST 7TH at 08:00 PM with our Band CAFÉ DRECHSLER, Stephan Kondert and all our participating students, bands and artists.


DEPARTURE:  SATURDAY AUGUST 8TH in the morning after breakfast

Fee including all lessons, rehearsals, coachings, Yoga classes and final concert
500.- EUROS excluding housing, travel and food – special BAND DISCOUNTS upon request and based on availability

for a total of 6 People on the basis double occupancy / double bed rooms there is a possibility to  stay with us at our Rental House including Breakfast and Dinner and use of all facilities including swimming pool for an extra 450.- EUROS per person

EUROS 240.-  ( EURO 40.- per day ) for BED in a Double Room and use of the Pool

EUROS 210.-  ( EURO 35.- per day ) including Breakfast & Dinner


Account Information: Alexander Deutsch / moerdermusic productions

BIC: RLNWATWW    IBAN: AT19 3200 0000 1269 9369         under „Summer Bandcamp“

Once you make a payment you immediately have guaranteed attendence and are properly enrolled




Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 16.14.08

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 16.18.35

workshop info, questions and reservations please write an E –  mail to
infos concerning housing outside the Villa:


hope to see you all there, yours

AleX, Steph & Sandra


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